British Slang and Colloquialisms from the movie Snatch (2000)


General Behaviour

behave - Normally pronounced 'bee-ave'. Meaning 'sort yourself out', 'stop being silly', etc. Can be used aggressively as if to say 'stop doing that, or else'.

Illegal and Dodgy

  • bent - Crooked, illegal.
  • moody - Stolen.
  • spurious - Not real, dodgy.


  • grand - One thousand pounds.
  • k - A thousand pounds.
  • large - A thousand pounds, e.g., "Ten large to help the situation".
  • bookie's - An abbreviation for bookmakers (betting office).

Insults and Swear Words, etc.

  • bollocks - Very common swear word in the UK meaning testicles. Often used to mean 'nonsense'.
  • c**t - Seen as the strongest swear word in the English language.
  • wanker - Idiot, despicable person. Literally means to masturbate.
  • pikey - A highly offensive term for a gypsy or vagrant. Comes from the 'Kentish' dialect word 'pike' meaning 'toll-gate'.
  • rascal - Troublemaker, sometimes used affectionately for a 'lovable rogue'.
  • mucker - Friend / mate.
  • son - A very common term of address for any male.

Drugs and Substances

  • disco biscuits - Ecstasy (the drug).
  • black stuff - The Irish stout Guinness.

Phrases and Expressions

  • bet your bollocks to a barn dance - Similar to 'bet your life' or 'bet your arse'.
  • taking the piss - Extremely common term for 'making fun of'.
  • who took the jam out of your doughnut? - Who spoilt your fun?


  • clocked - To see / be seen. e.g., "Shit, we've been clocked!".
  • funky - Smelly.
  • goody gumdrops - Sarcastic usage of the childish phrase, expressing pleasure.
  • grasses - Informers.
  • Jacob's - Rhyming slang for 'Jacob's Cream Crackers' - 'knackers', meaning testicles.
  • minerals - Testicles, from the rhyming slang term 'Family Jewels' (pronounced "jawls") = 'balls'.
  • mickey mouse - Fake.
  • next time I'm climbing off your mum - Offensive statement indicating that you've had sex with their mum.
  • porky pies - Lies.
  • shite - Northern dialect version of 'shit'.
  • schtrops - (Yiddish) Useless, not worth the time.
  • tip-top - Great condition. Archaic upper class term.
  • tucked up - Conned, tricked.
  • Yardie - Jamaican gangster.

Violence and Crime

  • drip dry 'em - Could either mean leaving someone out to dry or reference cutting the throat of a victim and draining the blood.
  • grainers - Illegal street drugs, especially those sold in small quantities or doses, often referred to as "grains."
  • melee - A chaotic, close-quarters fight involving many people.

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